contemporary art festival

contemporary art festival

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contemporary art festival

Our ever popular Markets.

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contemporary art festival

Sell out evenings with comedians from all over the UK

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contemporary art festival

NOT the Montreux Jazz Festival at Bartons

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contemporary art festival

Live music at Bartons


'A 119 Days of what?', we have been asked.

The answer, as some people guessed correctly, is actually 119 Days until when, and the 'when' is New Year's Day, 2018. It is an experiment.

Now four weeks into this 119 Day period, there has already been a concerted effort to return to producing successful, cultural, town scale events at Bartons, of precisely the nature that have been long called for in local, formal, public consultation.

Local aspirations for the wider Beeston area - from 'Broadgate to Bartons' - have included the wish to see the further promotion of an evening economy, with events in outside spaces and flexible performance spaces, or in interesting, appealing sustainable buildings. Some form of a nod to heritage is often mentioned, so we have taken the opportunity to lay out vehicles and ephemera from our family firm's transport history past in a vast museum.

Whilst some of our buildings have seen better days they are still, for now, functional; so rather than die wondering of whether our adding to such aspirations for culture are realistic, the thought was 'whilst we still can, why not?'

Early indications are that there is genuine popular support for this approach: from a completely standing start four weeks ago, now the first Comedy night on Saturday 7th October has already sold out, and Sunday the 8th's 'Not the Camden Market' has an excellent and wide ranging array of stallholders, many delighted to be returning after our enforced break during years of roadwork delays. Previous attendees will recall our Sunday Market was a great place to come and get together with friends, for breakfast, a drink, shopping and live music.

So if you have wanted to see the return of these favourites and for similar activities to thrive in this area, please support us and others when you can with your attendance; because it is clear that if these events are successful, that others will be encouraged to continue to invest in this way forward for the future of our Town.

Let's hope we are on to something, as indeed we think we are.

We hope to see you soon, and often over the coming weeks. We're bringing Beeston together. In Chilwell.


Bartons - Event Venue

 As a venue for Modern Art Exhibitions to Vintage Vehicle Shows; from Concerts and Festivals (like Oxjam) to Comedy Nights; from Indoor Markets to Corporate Promotional Events Bartons in Chilwell Nottingham has some of the most flexible and unique spaces available in the East Midlands.

You'll find all the upcoming events featured here, so keep checking back. If you have a Facebook account then please 'Like' to keep up to date, either that or you can 'Follow' us on Twitter.

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Follow your noses


Besides me as I write is the rather generous, gold, long service award given to my grandfather, Mr Carl Barton, on the occasion of his completing a half of century (he eventually racked up an incredible 73 years as an employee!) of service to our old family firm, now known simply as 'Bartons'. It was, as most people always say, the bus company. We have not been a bus company now for exactly 25 years. (Continued from our magazine)

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Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably,

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History repeating itself
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The Garage', 'Docking Shop' and 'Engine Shop'

In recent years the names of 'The Garage', 'Docking Shop' and 'Engine Shop' have tripped off people's tongues in relation to ever more unusual events we have been hosting, with not a single comment to me as yet about the strangeness of these words and names. Read More.

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The Barton Quarter

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