21 September 2013 00:00 - 07 December 2013 06:00

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Bartons plc - TH Barton Hall 63 High Rd, Chilwell, Beeston, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG9 4AJ, UK


The Chilwell and Beeston fightback...

Brash, foolish and likely to be doomed, Bartons fight back the Monsters of the devious 'tram' attack, when the battle for the soul of the town that no one realised had begun had been all but lost!

Deciding on their weapons, they scraped about - to discover all they had to fight with were ...... Comedians!

No one could predict the outcome, but few thought that things could get worse!

'Wish us luck - by gum, we will need it!'

A human fight back against "Tram-a-geddon" – the disruption caused by the phase two tram works in Chilwell and Beeston - starts this month with a heritage event, comedy shows and Oxjam music events at Bartons, on High Road, Chilwell.

The road works have hit people in Chilwell and Beeston hard but the events team at Bartons are fighting back with a campaign of culture, heritage, laughter and fun set to span the coming months.

The first shot of the "Tram-a-geddon" campaign will be fired on Saturday 14 September with a heritage event, followed a week later on Saturday 21 September at 7.30pm with a Comedy Club featuring Sol Bernstein, Simon Bligh, Mark Simmons & Matthew Baylis with compere Spiky Mike who have all been recruited into the "Tram-a-geddon" resistance.

Event organiser Steve Wallace said; "Like Arnie in the Terminator movies we're back! Back to take on "Tram-a-geddon" and all its disruption to normal life and return Beeston, Chillwell and Nottingham to the people.

Everyone has been hit in one way or another by the tram works, but we've established a cultural resistance to reclaim our city for humanity, based on the arts and heritage, with quality entertainment and a dash of sheer craziness.

Few think we can win, and even fewer once they know our weapon of choice is Comedians! But our crack team of comedy commandos are ready for action - some are Jewish, some black, some foreign and some disabled. Some are even women!

This is just the beginning - the trams will not defeat us!"

The heritage event and comedy club are just the first of a number of events planned for the coming months which will help take back the streets. Future events in the "Tram-a-geddon" series will include a monthly comedy club, ceilidh and music concerts from Oxjam.

Bartons - 'the sort of place you'll have to come to, when they make Comedy illegal'

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