NO cars. NO buses, none.

NO cars. NO buses, none. Even on what was reputedly the best bus route in the country (believe me, we know).

Next to NO pedestrians. NO road; NO tram infrastructure; and to cap it all, even NO bloody tram.

For this weekend’s Secret Party Project sell out 'Halloween 2014 Scare Fest-evil Event', one of the hottest tickets in the country, appropriately Beeston and the immediate neighbour, Chilwell, are literal 'ghost towns'. That is, except for the independent beacons of cultural activity, such as popular pubs, restaurants and event venues (including ours) that have sprung up locally in the face of, and despite of, appalling disruption.

Due to run at Christmas 2014, Nottingham City's currently massively behind schedule and reportedly massively over budget tram extensions to the vanishing green belts of its close Borough neighbours of Broxtowe B.C. and Rushcliffe B.C., are widely loathed by the residents of once popular towns eviscerated by the project.

Quality of life has been damaged appallingly and directly for the last 2 years, and indirectly (if only people knew it) for the last 25 since this hubris was first planned. A new tram system might have looked fairly modern 25 years ago in 1988. Now it looks like a clanking dinosaur against the evolving technologies for transport available.

Genius project.

If you want yourself and your descendants to live in a mega-metropolis (and although that sounds like hyperbole, sadly it is not - look up United Nations Agenda 21) why not move yourself to an existing one, rather than clandestinely create one at the expense of the unsuspecting present and future population? The answer is of course if the agenda was understood, it would be resisted tooth and nail by the existing population. People like us.

One of the tram project's only so far identified enthusiasts, apart from the shadowy money men behind it, is a 'local' politician who originally came from well outside the area; and who perhaps comes over to many as embarrassingly a little too obsessed with all things rail. He has liked to enthuse the residents of Beeston with supposed his greatest ambition: Santa Claus coming to Beeston in December 2014 on front of the first tram. Well that's not happening, is it? Will it happen in Christmas 2015? I truly wouldn't bet upon it, even if I was a betting man.

Much rather I feel residents might alternatively now like to see the spectacle of this politician compelled to be dressed as Santa and towed behind the first tram on a rope as it clanks and screams its way from the middle of nowhere in the countryside towards Beeston with him shouting his apologies for what he and his mates in Broxtowe Borough Council (many, it is noted, also originally from outside this area too) have inflicted on the towns and villages surrounding, a soon perhaps likely to be bankrupt, City.

'If there's to be a tram, we demand a visible presence in Beeston Square', they said.

The Square?

It is no longer there.

The purpose of this rant is to formally announce that Bartons plc are scaling back our hugely well received 2014 season of events from after 2nd November, cancelling everything before Christmas except Unplugged Music on the Saturday 8th November, and Comedy Club and our Christmas Market on the 7th and 8th of December.

We have this weekend had the most massive and exciting weekend with ‘000’s through the area. We would ask that a welcome is thrown out to the thousands of visitors we are bringing out of their own free choice to this beleaguered town, and that in turn our visitors treat the amenity of our residents too with respect for their hospitality.

To spell it out, we have now simply run out of patience and energy working toward a Christmas period of anticipated prosperity, having been told formally and informally by tram constructors that High Road Chilwell was to be open in:

  • March 2014, then
  • July 2014, then
  • September 2014, then
  • October 2014 then, without doubt
  • today, and
  • now, in mid November 2014.

We now of course no longer believe a word we are told on the subject. Their word is not good enough.
Bitter? Yes, bitter.
Make mine a pint of (Bishop's) Farewell in The Crown. Pray with me the weekend all goes well, and hopefully see you back at Bartons next year for masses more fun.
Au revoir,
Simon Barton


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